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When you love uncut twinks as much as I do you can’t go wrong with STAXUS. They’ve been delivering some amazing scenes lately, and this new one for the Hung Jury series with Milan Sharp and Martin Rivers is one of the best. These boys are gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that, and the fun they share in this bareback fuck scene is second to none. Milan is playing the role of the handsome legal professional enjoying a very special meeting with his sexy new client Martin, feeding him his intact dick, rimming out his tight little ass and then plunging his long cock deep into him for some awesome fucking that leads to a great cum facial!

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When a guy like this dude arrives to share his cock with the world the fans really take notice. His name is Conall Timpson and he’s a big and buff stud with a whole lot to share. He’s 25-years-old and 6’tall, but more than that he has an 8″ uncut cock to show off after sharing some sexy muscle posing in his tight little boxer shorts. You can see he’s getting a little worked up being on show, he seems to love all the attention he’s getting. His dick bulge is starting to throb in his underwear and when he slowly reveals his long uncut cock it’s semi hard and quickly rising to full stiffness. Check him out wanking his long dick and giving the guys a hot show, even displaying his tight virgin muscle ass while he milks his hard cock between his thighs. Will we ever get to see that hole taking a cock up it? I think so, he seems like the kind of open minded and horny hunk ready to try anything at least once.

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